So You Want To Make Money From Home?

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Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of online networking via mediums like Facebook, namely groups (because Facebook are just making a complete ballache of the whole PAGE reach – don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with algorithm talk) – Groups on Facebook seem to be making somewhat of a “comeback” and I must admit I quite like it.

During my time online I get to read an awful lot (in most cases, sorry it’s just SPAM) and during this, something quite obvious has become apparent to me, so much so I wanted to quickly write this post today to share some of these thoughts with you all.

In the age of the internet now, we can all make money from home in a variety of wonderful, colourful and different ways – but unfortunately work very much is still work. Aside from winning the lottery, there are no “get rich quick schemes” for the majority. You may all recall a while ago that I wrote a long post about how you can’t learn to run a marathon before learning to walk, but this post is really to highlight some real hard facts about wanting to make money from home.

Some Home Based Business Ideas

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Arts / Crafts Maker
  • Furniture Upcycling
  • Cake Maker
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Website Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Consultancy Work
  • Beautician
  • eBay Reseller
  • Antique Dealer
  • Interior Designer
  • Internet Marketing
  • ProBlogger

These are just  a few that rolled off the top of my head, but with the age of the internet now it is VERY feasible and possible to turn your hobby into a solid web based business.

Whilst on my Facebook travels however, I stumbled across a really awesome (well awesome from the outset I thought) group, which encouraged UK home based business owners to connect and share their businesses. Definitely a group I would benefit from I thought ……

I love the internet for SO many different reasons, yet I hate it so much for all the same reasons. It has become SO easy to “trick” people into thinking that you no longer need to WORK to earn money, and this group I’d joined literally seems like the “central hub” for all thats wrong in the internet marketing world.

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m quite anti MLM schemes, pyramid schemes and ponzi marketing, and thats not because I think it’s ALL a scam, far from it, there are a lot of people who make VERY decent money in the MLM world with company’s like Herbalife, Arbonne International & Forever Living Products, etc but the thing is MLM marketing done right is REALLY hard bloody work – Yes monetary results are great and once you are in the hierachy you earn good, BUT getting to that point is hard work, whether you work flat out for 12 months or 3 years you still have to work hard, and continue to work hard to reap the financial rewards.

Sadly though, for the majority MLM / Ponzi / Pyramid scheme marketing business’s don’t deliver (Don’t worry I’m not gonna start bashing the EN) and we are often left with false hope, promises and a slightly lighter wallet.

Working from home takes a lot of guts you know, and carry’s SO much risk – procrastination comes hand in hand with an online world, time slips away from you without you even realising sometimes and because of that working from home (especially if your job is computer based) is a risk.

A really effective way of making your online business from home work is to use social media to network, but social media only works if you are SOCIAL! Like always, there’s the “good, the bad and the ugly” and spending time looking for quality boards and users to follow on pinterest, networking hours on twitter, groups on linked in and last but by no means least facebook groups TAKES TIME.

I won’t name & shame the bad, but take a look at SOME of the posts happening in the above mentioned group

So you want to make money from home | Clair Trebes Online

So you want to make money from home | Clair Trebes Online

So you want to make money from home | Clair Trebes Online

So you want to make money from home | Clair Trebes Online

So you want to make money from home | Clair Trebes Online

This post isn’t all doom & gloom, it’s meant to be a REAL insight into working from home, and the reality is you are STILL working. You do NOT make money by doing nothing, and nor do you make $5000 in 7 days – unless of course you are a forex trader, or a professional poker player, both of which require knowledge and skill (which technically is still WORK)

So it really ticks me off when I see posts like that above promising people fresh air, and who are also abusing (yes it is abusing in my opinion) online social channels which are designed for people who REALLY want to make a success of online networking though social media. There is always so much noise as it is, so being flooded with spam makes it harder for the REAL people with their real businesses and opportunities to be seen and heard.

So to flip this post on it’s side and REALLY end on a high, I wanted to share a Facebook group with you that has really got it going on, for all the right reasons. Essex Girls In Business is a geographic UK facebook group aimed at female entrepreneurs (love that term) and female business owners in the UK county (State) of Essex, and if I may I’d like to share some posts with you which are commonplace that show you that you can work from home and make money with your real hobby’s turned businesses or tangible business turned social!

So you want to make money from home | Clair Trebes Online

So you want to make money from home | Clair Trebes Online

So you want to make money from home | Clair Trebes Online

These are all genuine posts from REAL women who are all out there “working” I doubt many of them claim to be home based millionaires, but these women are all earning a living from home – and they are using Social Media as a great way of reaching out for help, support and expanding their contactsphere so that they can generate more business opportunities in the future.

So if you are thinking about making money from home, the moral of this story is “don’t think that you won’t have to WORK for it” Otherwise all you will be doing is helping the rich get richer and the poor stay in limbo!

Adios Amigos!

C x

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