Top 5 Things To Do With Your New Twitter Profile

So, thought I’d knock this little post up as I’m so blinking impressed with the new look Twitter and I’ve been working on it for a few accounts that I look after, and I know so many people haven’t yet made the change, so wanted to quickly share this little post with you to tell you why I like it so much!!!

So basically, lets face it, it looks a LOT like Facebook – but did they just go ahead and copy them? Well kinda, but not really.

Top 5 Things To Do With Your NEW Twitter Profile  | Clair Trebes Online

New look twitter profile for my other business Cross The Line

 Tony Robbins is famous for saying such things like “if you want to be successful, copy what a successful person does” But Twitter in its own right is successful, so it shouldn’t need to copy it’s counterpart really – but you can’t help but draw similarities to how they both look.

Personally, however I think that Twitter offers a LOT more functionality than Facebook, and in this post I’m going to run through the top 5 things you can do with your new look Twitter account.

When Twitter announced the redesign they posted a full list which included the following:

  • Larger profile photos. These photos are now 400 pixels by 400 pixels, the same aspect ratio as before but with larger dimensions.
  • Customizable header image. This main image spans the browser, and users are encouraged to upload a 1500 pixel by 500 pixel image. Your current header image might fit, but the bigger scale might make it look a little fuzzy. (Images sizes are relative to device, too, so you might notice different layouts on different screens.)
  • Best tweets. Your tweets with the most engagement will appear in a larger text size inside your stream of updates.
  • Pinned tweet. You can pin one of your favourite tweets to the top of your profile page.
  • Filtered views. When visiting someone else’s profile, you can choose how to view their tweets: tweets only, tweets plus replies, or tweets with photos or videos.
  • Pinterest-style grid view of your followers, who you’re following, and your visual content.

So how can you best make use of this new look Twitter to REALLY drive your engagement up to the next level?

Pay attention to Facebook pages

There is no doubt about it, the introduction of timeline and cover photos for Facebook was a game changer, sure, there were some specific rules and regulations with regard to what you could use in the cover images, but once they had relaxed them rules – Cover photos were a fantastic way of showcasing your business.

If you take a look at some of these top cover photos from Constant Contact you might just find some inspiration for your new look Twitter cover photo – but to summarise some of the best ideas

Make a collage of some of your top products

Show off your facilities / location


Introduce your employees 


A point worth remembering here is not to copy your Facebook cover photo, the dimensions are out – Facebook is 851 x 315 pixels whereas Twitter is being uber generous and giving you 1500 x 500 pixels to play with – what is worth mentioning too, is the aspect ratio – different screen resolutions may alter the display, so it’s important to check how it looks and that no information or images are missing on your new look Twitter cover photo.

Pin A Tweet That Has A Meaning

No I don’t mean pin images of your family or presents which you have been given (although, feel free to, if that’s your thing)  but now Twitter has given you the ability to PIN to the top (just like Facebook) it’s important that you use this wisely – especially as there are no “reach” parameters like Facebook have!

Any one of the following would be perfect for this feature:

  • An upcoming event / product release
  • An announcement or perhaps some exciting company news
  • One of your best tweets
  • Your company mission statement condensed to 140 characters
  • Something that will spark EMOTION

Because Social Media is quite, well, social – I think that you should really consider and give attention to the emotion that anything you write / share can evoke.

If it makes people feel happy, then people will want to share it. 

So think happy, funny & positive people 🙂

Be aware of the difference between the @reply and the @mention

Number 1 rule here when replying to someone (and yet still something many people don’t actually realise)

If you have a tweet that you want all of your followers to see – don’t just hit reply and start your tweet with @userstwitterid followed by your message.

Twitter officially see’s this as a “reply” which thus forms part of a larger conversation – which are hidden to followers who aren’t following both people involved in the conversation, and also in the “new look” profiles.

The default on the new layout its “tweets” rather than the “tweets and replies”

Top 5 Things To Do With Your New Twitter Profile  | Clair Trebes Online

So, if you want the world to see your tweets, and they appear in your profile default view, you need to make sure you are using @mentions as your reply.

the @mention is a tweet which starts off with some generic text prior to adding the user’s twitter handle – for example

“thanks @clairtrebesweb, that information was really helpful”

or even just using something simple like

“. @clairtrebesweb thats great thanks!”

A reply in this manner will NOT appear in the default stream of your Twitter profile

“@clairtrebesweb thank you”

Share More Images & Video

Visual content is still a major part of Social Media, study’s over at The Next Web show that Tweets with images get 18% more clicks, and on average 150% more retweets.

When sharing images and videos, the trick is to make is as obvious and self explanatory as possible, and because the new look Twitter has made videos and images much more prominent and easy for viewers to find, it makes sense to take advantage of this.

At the top of each profile now you have a link which says “Photos/Video” right next to the tweets button – so now its in front of your audience, it’s worth making the effort to up your visual marketing efforts – because of the virality potential of them all – you could be seen by a lot of people more quickly than thought by simply keeping fresh images and videos on your twitter profile.

If you haven’t already, get yourself a “favourite” strategy

Anyone who’s worked with me on Twitter will know that one of the first things I start drumming into your head is the power of “favouriting” a tweet.

Up until now, the favourites have kinda been hidden – or not so prominent on the old Twitter profiles, but now they’ve had a promotion and have made it to the top of the profile header bar – so they are easier to navigate and find.

Now, a lot of people tend to get a bit favourite happy, and will apply it to all kinds of tweets (I’m going to include myself in this, because I have a tendency to favourite things to come back to and read later) The thing is many people see and think of this feature in different ways.

In my best experience, and knowledge, I just want to say – If you are using Twitter to promote or build your business or brand then you MUST use this feature to help increase / build your Social Proof.

On Twitter, if people write good things about you / product / service then mark it as a favourite – you might get recommendations, press mentions, testimonials – if you house them all in this place, then you have your very own ready to go testimonials and social proof ready to go.

People DO look at these, and this can be a factor when someone is deciding to do business with you.

The other bit, which I really like – you can add these to your website with a twitter widget by embedding a live twitter feed, which (and this is what I like the most) you will never have to worry about updating. It’s live, so each time you mark one as a favourite, it will appear on the website you’ve added the feed too.

So there you have it. Ok, so it wasn’t as little a post as I thought it would be – but I’m excited about this. They have made Twitter a powerhouse for people wanting to use social media and not be afraid to promote their business. Of course the same rules apply to the not OVER selling (still doesn’t work, never will) but I do think that making the change to the new profile and taking some notice of this post will really help get you going on the next level for your Twitter marketing strategy.


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